Welcome to works and interests of Alysa Nair!

As a student during her course at Manipal University Dubai, where she studied Media and Communications and specialized in her field of interest: Advertising and Public Relations, she undertook various projects that helped sharpen her skills for the professional world.

The Cold And The Goal.

Professionally, the words driven and goal-oriented best describe her.

After completing a successful term with Spark* Middle East,as a Senior Account Executive, she is currently looking to spread her wings further in the areas of Branding and Strategic Planning.

The Warm And The Sweet.

Let’s just say she enjoys all things to do with food – buying it, cooking it, watching it and eating it.

With a deep love for baked goods, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and all sugary things, her dream is to open her very own cafe.

The Hope And The Method.

If Alysa seems like the kind of individual whose contact will result in mutual benefit, then by all means:

  • E-mail her on nair.alysa@hotmail.com
  • Drop her a message on +971 50 675 4741
  • Connect with heron LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

She’d love to get in contact with you, or help you out in any way!

Till then, please feel free to have a cup’a and browse through her work, analyzing and providing her with the constructive criticism and/or praise you have to offer.

Have a great day!


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