Don’t talk, do

Does it not irk you when you hear people go on about ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ when they themselves are filthier than the rest? The real people who should be going on about it are the ones who do something, but keep quiet about it.

Dubai is considered to be one of the cleanest places yet, but how has that been made possible? Definitely not by the many who are all talk and do little, but rather the ones who get ‘hands-on’ with our own trash. The Municipality workers of Dubai; The silent workers who are always there to make sure we can breathe cleaner air. I had an opportunity to get an interview with one such person.

After a rich working experience in this line of work for 14 years, Kamal Hussein shares with me his thoughts on the environment situation of Dubai.

‘Kids are kids. They are going to litter, and I’ll just pick it up.’, is what he said, positively smiling, when I asked him what he thought of the kids in Dubai who litter. However, when I asked him the same question pertaining to adults, he sternly looked right at me and said: ‘They are not kids. If they litter, they aren’t setting a good example for the children. They need to have more responsibility. It is sick.’

Would he ever give up such a job?, ‘No’ he answered. ‘I always wanted to be a cricket player as a child. I would throw paper balls all around. Now I’m still doing the same thing, except I throw it into the bag. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to my dream’.

Finally, I asked him what he would like to tell the public if ever he got the chance. ‘You keep my job alive, I’m thankful for that. But! That doesn’t mean you don’t be clean!’. I laughed, and with a sturdy handshake received, left; completely blown away by such a small man. He’s only one person, and yet he’s got big thoughts and makes a big difference.


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One Response to Don’t talk, do

  1. Chandni@Sheikhland says:

    Hey Alysa! That’s a great post and an insight what goes on behind the scenes of the clean Dubai. Thanks for sharing!

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