“Discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex”

In this day and age, the concept of sexism would seem to someone as less alive than what it was so back in the day. The statement is true on all levels, but does that mean that the concept is alive? Very much so. Does that mean that we put up with even that little just because we saw progress? As to say – Rest on ones laurels? I don’t think so.

Even in the topic of sexism itself, if a woman expresses her views on it, many jumps to conclusions and tag her as a ‘feminist’. These two concepts are highly different. While feminism refers to movements aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women, Sexism refers to discrimination based on sex. Not necessarily women, it could even be men.

Society feeds children’s minds with such a concept through movies. We are brought up by such perceptions and do not realize as to the psychological effect that takes place; the mind-set that it leaves a youngling with.  Do you remember your favorite Disney movie that you watched as a child? Do you remember the way a woman was depicted? What’s sad is how little the image of a woman has changed in such movies. You still have the same highly sexualized female body: the big breasts, the tiny waist, the fluting eyelashes, the pleasing expressions and the seductress. Most Disney movies revolve around a heterosexual relationship. The message that is sent to girls is just as important as the messages sent to boys. It sets a boys mind to how real men behave with women; often the message conveyed is:  Women are objects of pleasure or as servants to please them.

We need to take note of such dangers that threaten our society subtly. Why build the idea that one sex is better than the other? On what basis is such a question formed?  No one is better than the other. To be underestimated is wrong. To view men as all brawn and no brains with little emotional intelligence is wrong. Times are changing, and keeping such concepts alive will only slow the process. Move forward, think bigger. We can all get somewhere if we stop underestimating the other.


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