I feel, the reason why people get into arguments is solely because they believe they can win.

This thought came about when I was reading an article about how rude it is to call someone offensive words off-handedly, such as ‘retarded’, ‘psycho’ or ‘depressed’. I put myself in a hypothetical situation wherein my closest friends constructed their sentence with a such a word. Now, for an individual who believes in not using such words incorrectly, what would I do?

Honest Outcome: I would let it pass, simply because I knew it would result in a unnecessary argument that I didn’t want to get into.

Now, you could say that, a) I just don’t feel strongly enough about it, b) that’s just my character/how I am, c) I’m a coward.

All above are plausible, and I would agree with you, to a point. Except, I do believe strongly enough, but I do not want to get into an argument which will result in a debate with individuals who won’t back down, simply because you are calling them out on something they are doing. No one likes to be told they are doing something wrong, or should stop doing something.

In the scenario I did say something, it would most likely result in me being called “stuck-up” or someone who can’t take a joke, and I’d be pinned as the individual who “brought down the mood of the evening”.

All the above just made me think about situations where I did speak up, and it didn’t result in an argument. Why did I speak up then? Because I knew I had tangible facts to back me up. I knew it wouldn’t result in an argument and I would win it/not be contested against = no fighting. Ahh, bliss.

So, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll come back later and edit this article after thinking “what a fool was I to type out such an article without studying my thoughts further?!”. I know this article could touch on various topics, as it discusses why humans do what they do. To generalize is incorrect, and I’m 100% sure that, when a proper study is conducted, my hypothesis can be proved wrong (or right).

But, for now, these are my thoughts. Let’s discuss. 00d500804537a23f0487cfa836554a20


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